Eastcastle Street

The proposed designs for Eastcastle Street include traffic calming strategies, including changes to junctions, crossings, and traffic flows, thereby improving pedestrian comfort and safety. 

Public Realm Improvements & Amenity Spaces

  • The designs include increased pedestrian footway space; road junctions will be raised to be flush with the street’s footways, with a zebra crossing installed on the north side of Wells Street. 
  • The zebra crossing on Berners Street will be moved from the north to the south of the Berners Street and Eastcastle Street junction. This will allow for safer pedestrian crossings as eastbound vehicles from Eastcastle Street take a left turn onto Berners Street. 

Traffic Changes & Road Access

  • The traffic flow passing along Eastcastle Street is relatively low for a signalised junction, therefore, the designs propose removing the traffic signals at the Wells Street junction, and installing a zebra crossing on Wells Street, North of Eastcastle Street. Traffic scheme maps can be found here.  
  • The programme includes changes to Eastcastle Street to provide more options and direct routes for drivers within the network. Traffic will be able to turn left off Wells Street eastbound onto Eastcastle Street, therefore, allowing two-way traffic between Wells Street and Berners Street. The designs propose two-way traffic on Eastcastle Street between Wells Street and Berner Street only. 

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