Marylebone / Fitzrovia

The proposals for Marylebone / Fitzrovia aim to improve ease of travel throughout the Oxford Street areas, improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The changes will allow vehicles to travel shorter, more direct routes and create calmer streets by reducing the dominance of vehicle traffic. 

Public Realm Improvements & Amenity Spaces

  • The proposed improvements to Wigmore Street, Mortimer Street, Margaret Street, and Henrietta Place provide a safer and more accessible space for pedestrians, while also improving traffic flow for businesses and residents. Proposals include new upgraded pedestrian crossings with pedestrian countdowns, widened footways where possible, and extending the corners of Cavendish Square to allow for more space for pedestrians. 
  • View the draft plans here.

Traffic Changes & Road Access

  • The scheme aims to deliver a simplified road network with calmer and safer streets, converting several streets in the Marylebone and Fitzrovia area to two-way streets and expanding on the successful public realm improvements made as part of the Wigmore Street Improvement Scheme. A traffic flow map can be found here. Permitted traffic movements can be found here.  
  • Wide, multi-lane streets in one direction encourage high traffic speeds, particularly during quieter periods of the day. This project offers an opportunity to rebalance road space and traffic signal timings to provide greater benefit to pedestrians, while maintaining appropriate traffic capacity and discouraging high speeds. 
  • Across London, many similar one-way road systems are being successfully transformed into community friendly, safe and well-planned two-way streets. The changes in this proposal will allow vehicles to travel shorter, more direct routes and create calmer streets by reducing the dominance of vehicle traffic. 


  • To deliver a simplified traffic network and calmer street, the project proposes changes to bus turnaround loops, reducing the lengths of these loops and relocating bus stand locations. This will reduce the circulation of buses in East Marylebone and West Fitzrovia. To learn more about changes to bus operations, please refer to the maps here.

Parking, Loading & Taxi Stands

  • The designs propose more parking in the East Marylebone and West Fitzrovia area, with disabled parking repositioned and additional disabled  parking bays added around Cavendish Square. 
  • The taxi rank capacity on Cavendish Square will be increased and a new rank is proposed for the western end of Henrietta Place. 
  • A detailed loading activity analysis has been undertaken and the project proposes loading at locations where there is a current demand. 
  • To learn more about parking and loading changes, please see the proposed changes here.

Proposed plans

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