Oxford Circus

The changes to Oxford Circus focus on prioritising space for pedestrians to relieve crowding, increase safety, and contribute to a world class public realm. The proposals are enabled by traffic changes that simplify movement and decrease the risk of collisions for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.  

Public Realm Improvements & Amenity Spaces

  • The changes to Oxford Circus focus on increasing space for pedestrians to relieve crowding and increase safety for all. The scheme proposes 40% more footway space within the Circus including increased pavement space with high quality paving materials outside all four underground entrances. This additional pedestrian space is gained by removing traffic islands, central medians and turning movements of vehicles within the Circus. 
  • Improved pedestrian safety and security measures include extending footway space at all four corners of the junction, more efficient two-stage crossing system, removal of the diagonal crossings and new signalised pedestrian crossings at the junctions of Great Castle Street/Regent Street, Great Portland Street /Oxford Street and John Prince’s Street /Oxford Street. 

Traffic Changes & Road Access

  • To enable improved pedestrian areas, the designs propose removing all central medians and traffic islands on all arms of the junction.  
  • Traffic changes will include changing the traffic flow direction on Great Castle Street (between Regent Street and Great Portland Street) to eastbound, and creating a new signalised junction at Regent Street/Great Castle Street. Traffic scheme maps are available here 
  • The scheme prohibits all vehicle turning movements at the junction (including for cyclists), meaning that vehicles will only be permitted to proceed straight ahead through the junction, thereby reducing waiting times for vehicles and pedestrians, address congestion, and improving safety for all by reducing collisions. See the proposed permitted traffic movements here.   


  • The designs propose adjustments to eight bus routes operating near Oxford Circus to accommodate the new traffic arrangements around Oxford Circus and create more efficient turnaround routes. Bus stand, loading and parking restrictions will be adjusted to accommodate changes in bus operations. To learn more about changes to bus operations, please refer to the maps here. 

Parking, Loading, & Taxi Stands

  • To learn more about parking and loading changes, please see the proposed changes here. 

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