Oxford Street West

The proposed highways improvements for Oxford Street West create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists, by widening footways, improving junctions and crossings, and creating changes to traffic flows to reduce vehicular traffic.  

Public Realm Improvements & Amenity Spaces

  • The proposed changes enable less vehicular traffic in North Mayfair, allowing more time for pedestrian crossing at Oxford Street junctions and significantly reducing pedestrian and vehicular conflict and improve the safety. 

Traffic Changes & Road Access

  • The scheme proposes traffic direction reversals, removing through traffic in the area which will be dispersed to larger-capacity roads, such as Park Lane and Edgware Road. Traffic scheme maps can be found here.  
  • Proposed changes include reversal of traffic on Park Street (between Upper Brook Street and Oxford Street) and North Audley Street (from Grosvenor Square and Oxford Street), as well as reversal of southbound traffic on Orchard Street for buses, taxis and cycles only from Portman Mews South to Oxford Street, reversal of traffic in North Mayfair, and reversal at North Audley Street and Park Street’s traffic, leading to a general traffic reduction in North Mayfair.
  • The designs propose introducing right turns onto Portman Square/Wigmore Street from Portman Street and Orchard Street respectively to add capacity and resilience into the traffic network by offering drivers more options and direct routes. However, only buses, taxis and cycles will be permitted to run south on Orchard Street from Portman Mews South, this will help to minimise delays to buses. A bus map can be found here.  

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