Oxford Street

The Oxford Street Programme envisions Oxford Street as a vibrant, high quality public space for all who work, live or visit. The proposed design allows for greater pedestrian space with more greenery, seating, and lighting to increase accessibility and comfort. 

Public Realm Improvement & Amenity Spaces

  • The scheme proposes wider pavements – up to a 75% increase – with consistent pavement width along the street, and upgraded pavement materials, creating a more comfortable footway, safer crossings, and more public space for amenities. 
  • 16 new amenity spaces will be available for rest and play on Binney Street, James Street, Gilbert Street and Davies Street, with upgrades to existing spaces. These spaces will provide gathering and resting spaces supplemented by seating and greening to create an oasis for rest and play. Each amenity space is tailored to the surrounding land use and available space. 
  • The design proposes a high quality and consistent palette of materials, improved lighting, and seating.
  • New trees and other greenery along the street will support Wild West End objectives by promoting access to local green spaces and the creation of a network of green corridors.

Traffic Changes & Road Access

  • The designs propose a narrower carriage way, removing medians, islands and bus laybys, while allowing two-way traffic along the entirety of the Street. The scheme introduces improved signage throughout and reduces unnecessary road markings. A map of permitted traffic movements is available here, and traffic scheme maps can be found here.  
  • Shorter, but wider pedestrian crossings, raised junctions and crossings level with the footways, as well as enhanced pedestrian signal controls, will improve safety and accessibility.  
  • The scheme proposes closing several streets at one end to create to cul-de-sacs for additional pedestrian and amenity spaces along Oxford Street. 
  • Oxford Street is currently bus, taxi and cycle only from 7am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday), between Portman Street to Great Portland Street in an eastbound direction and between Oxford Circus to Binney Street in a westbound direction. This project proposes bus, taxi and cycle only restrictions, 7am to 7pm, and will be introduced 7 days a week between Portman Street to Stratford Place, New Bond Street to Great Portland Street and Rathbone Place to Tottenham Court Road in an eastbound direction. In a westbound direction the restriction would apply between Tottenham Court Road, to Rathbone Place, Great Portland Street to New Bond Street, and Stratford Place to Orchard Street.


  • The scheme proposes removing underutilised bus stops and consolidating east-west bus operation to single legible stops at each location along the street. To support interchange between bus and underground, a bus stop in each direction will be added near Bond Street Station. Bus stop laybys will be removed to improve bus priority and increase passenger waiting space. A bus map with more detail is available here.  
  • The scheme proposes new cycling infrastructure to create north/south routes across Oxford Street. Traffic lanes on Oxford Street will be cycle friendly with advanced stop lines at all junctions where possible. We will establish cycle and e-scooter parking on side streets. 

Parking, Loading, & Taxi Stands

  • Oxford Street between Orchard Street and Tottenham Court Road are proposed as a restricted parking zone. Loading will only be permitted at specific times of day in signed bays along the street to limit disruption to pedestrians. See the proposed parking map here.  
  • To relieve congestion daytime taxi ranks will be placed immediately off Oxford Street on side roads. To better serve the night-time economy, night-time only ranks will be provided on Oxford Street. Taxi ranks will be dispersed along the street and clearly signposted on and off Oxford Street. 

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